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ZHEJIANG DALI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (DALI Technology) was founded based on its predecessor Zhejiang Testing Technology Institute, which was established in 1984, restructured in 2001 and then listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February 2008 (Stock Code: 002214).


DALI Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of uncooled FPA Detector, infrared thermal imaging systems, Intelligent inspection robot and a series of optoelectronic products for inertial navigation, and is also one of the few specialized domestic manufacturers having autonomous control technology, proprietary core intellectual property rights, and ability to develop and manufacture various modules and systems covering the whole industry chain, ranging from thermal imaging technology-related core devices and core modules to complete thermal imaging systems. DALI Technology has undertaken a great number of national-level research projects such as “863 Project”, “R&D Project of Core Electronics, high-end General-purpose Chips and Basic Software Products” and “Major Scientific Instruments”.


DALI Technology is a domestic enterprise with international competitiveness in infrared thermal imaging, offering products that can be widely applied in national defense, power, petrol-chemistry, security and other industries. DALI Technology has two technology research and development centers located in Hangzhou and Shanghai and is supported by a team of scientific research personnel accounting for over 40% of all personnel, which also owns the only production line of uncooled focal-plane infrared detectors (amorphous silicon) for military use in China. With complete research and production qualifications for weapons and equipment and "four certificates" for production of military products, DALI Technology ranks first on the list of the first batch of enterprises for military-civilian integration demonstration in Zhejiang Province.


Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “winning trust of users with our technology and ensuring satisfaction of users with our services” and relying on the mature research and development system, quality management system and after-sales service system, DALI Technology offers high-quality products and professional services to our users. For this purpose, a global marketing network has been built so as to provide our customers with solutions based on application characteristics and big data in different industries.


DALI Technology has been marching forward on the road of reform, innovation, truth-seeking and development and pursuing the mission of becoming a world-class infrared thermal imaging solution provider, so as to give back to the society with excellent performance.

Corportate Philogophy


    Based on high and new technology,first-class enterprise.


    Technology allows users to rest assured that services to user satisfaction.


    Be practical, modest and steadfast.


    Seek development in cooperation and get survival through mutual benefit.


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Corporate Culture

Thanks to the care.DALI team sturdy confirmed the goal of 'Based on new and high technology. Aim to top-rank enterprise' and walking strictly along with the path of development upon reform, innovation and pragmatism. As a result, DALI realized the great leap forward development and achieved considerable break.

Market Development

  • DALI spirit of 'based on high technology, first-class enterprise'business goals, after twenty years of steady development, sales of the company of the year by year Steady increase.

  • Trustworthy products and first-class technical services, to become one of the world's most trusted brand of Dali.

  • 'For development cooperation, win-win and mutualbenefit in the law of survival' makes the rapid development of DALI.


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